When trying to process a database cube the following error is received:

 Internal error: An unexpected exception occured.


After the restart of the SSAS service the event view shows the following error:

The file '\\?\X:\...\Data\master.vmp' could not be deleted. Please check the file for permissions.



Note that even if the SSAS Service is up and running when trying to execute some operation, even if they complete successfully, no modification are actually done. For example after restoring a cube database from a backup, although the operation completes successfully, the new database doesn?t appear in the Management Studio list.

The ?master.vmp could not be deleted? error message can appear sometimes if you just moved the SSAS databases from one location to another on the same server.

In this situation the solution is to grant rights "Modify" on this new data folder to the service account used to start the SSAS service. More information about this scenario you can find in this article:

If previous suggestion didn?t solved the issue you can try to find out if there is another process that is locking the master.vmp file. To do this you can use the Process Explorer tool, which can be found here:



To find out if this is the case, stop the SSAS service and use the Process Explorer tool to discover if the file is locked or not.

In my situation it turns out that the NetBackup utility was locking the master.vmp file (you can see more details in the below screenshots).




After ulocking the master.vmp (right click -> Close Handle) the SSAS service starts without the ?master.vmp could not be deleted? error and the cube processing operation completes successfully.

 You can find more information about the master.vmp file in the this article:



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